2021 International Symposium of Young Scholars on Carbon Resources Conversion


Planery Speaker

Prof. Guangwen Xu
Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Editor in Chief Carbon Resources Conversion

Prof. Rafael Luque
Universidad de Cordoba and Editor in Chief of Molecular Catalysis
Title : Benign by design strategies for a more sustainable future: the valorisation concept

Invited Speaker

Prof. Tommo Mizugaki
Osaka University
Title : Valorization of Biomass-Derived Oxygenates via C-C Bond Cleavage Using Cerium Oxide-Supported Metal Catalysts

Prof. Guoqing Guan
Hirosaki University
Title : Development of small-scale biomass gasification systems

Prof. Chawalit Ngamcharussrivichai
Chulalongkorn University
Topic : Natural rubber as a renewable carbon source for functional mesoporous silica nanocomposites

Prof. Tetsuya Shishido
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Title : Switching the selectivity of CO2 hydrogenation over supported Rh catalysts

Prof. Mingyue Ding
Wuhan University
Title : Efficiently converting syngas to liquid fuels with reduced CO2 emission

Prof. Koyo Norinaga
Nagoya University
Title : A new concept for the low energy CO2 capture with LNG cold